August 25 to 29, 2025!
Are you a successful woman who is feeling undervalued and overlooked?
Are you feeling anxious or overwhelmed directing your life?
Do you feel guilty you have it easy and others struggle?
Do you want to give more to the world?
Do you want to make an impact that will help people?
 Are you seeking more fulfillment, joy and POWER in your life? 
Are you feeling stuck?
Join us on this beautiful journey of self-discovery, healing, empowerment, and support!

Retreat Location in Cartagena, Columbia 

What you will experience at this retreat

  • Relaxation, rejuvenation, and re-connection with self and nature surrounded by the warm Caribbean light blue/green ocean waves
  • 8 workshops to uncover and remove self-limiting beliefs that are holding you back from stepping into your most POWERFUL SELF. Discover how to really enjoy a life without pain, remorse, guilt or worry
  • Learn how to let go of past relationships hurts, breakups and emotional baggage  
  • Uninterrupted time to journal, meditate, swim in the pool or ocean waters
  • Learn breathing techniques to raise your vibration and energy to reach blissful joy
    • Enjoy nutritious natural delicious meals and fruit juices from the local market 
    • Learn how to attract mutually beneficial relationships in personal and professional life
    • Discover or re-connect with your inner most desires and learn how to receive them
    • Learn how to attract the love of your life or how to maintain a happy loving relationship with your love partner
    • Learn how to enjoy more freedom, movement and enjoy an orgasmic life
    • Prepare and develop your interpersonal self in order to accomplish your personal and professional goals
    • Learn how to attract health, wealth and happiness into your life through the manifestation process
    • ​Learn how to use different tools to keep you focused on your end goal like meditation, visualization and connecting to your inner self
    • Learn how to relax your body and mind in order to accomplish more in your life and become more productive
    • Learn how to embody your fulfilled desires coming from the end result and hold the feeling of the wish fulfilled
    • Learn how to create and hold on to your visions of your future happy life with faith and certainty until you manifest them into the physical world
    • SPECIAL BONUS! Time Sensitive Bonus: Access to my online 3 month coaching program called Transform Your Life: Healing after narcissistic abuse

    A Total Value Of Over $29,995  

    Get Started Today for As Little As 2 Installments of $2,500

    A One-Time Investment for a 
    LIFETIME of Results! 

    (Event Total Value: $29,995)

    TIME-SENSITIVE: Enrollment with Bonus Closes Dec. 25, 2022.
     Register today so you don't miss out on $29,995 worth of Value!


    Ask Yourself...

    Do I feel called to give more to the world?

    Do I feel like guilty for having more than other people?

    Do I desire more joy and time freedom in my life?

    Do I aspire for more but just can’t seem to reach it?

    Do I feel like I give my all but don’t receive the same back?

    Do I want more fulfillment in my life or do I feel stuck?

    Do I want to achieve a goal and more money?

    Am I longing a loving supporting partner in relationships or business?

    Am I a victim of abuse or childhood trauma?

    Am I facing or thinking of going through or recently divorced?

    Do I wonder how I can make a difference in this world?
    I am here to tell you that you can have it all and more!! You can have the career or business of your dreams, the love of your life, passion and fulfillment in your life! 

    I know you may feel like this is too good to be true. You could be thinking that I have an easy life with the blueprint to happiness. Maybe you think everything magically appeared in my life. I know how it feels, I have been on the sidelines watching other women have a successful career and loving supporting relationships. I used to wish it was me.

    I used to believe life was supposed to be difficult. To make it out of our poverty, I had to grind it out and sweat it out. I was supposed to work for 50 years then retire and hope for a pension or 401K to cover my retirement expenses. A life of barely surviving paycheck to paycheck like my parents. 

    I learned by watching them and hearing their stories. Although I got a masters degree in Business Management, the belief or feeling I had was still that life was meant to be hard. Through my upbringing in the church and other people around me, life was hard. I had a lot of bills to pay. The more money I made, the more money I paid. Life’s joy was sucked right out of my chest.

     I was in an emotional prison. I did not allow myself to be happy or enjoy life. I allowed people to undervalue me because I did not value myself. I had little to no self-confidence, even though on paper everything shined. I shined but I did not see myself as the star that I was. 

    My upbringing taught me differently. I was taught to be ashamed of my persona. I was different from those around me. I suffered tremendous abuse. All types of emotional, psychological, spiritual, sexual and physical abuse. I wrote a book called Live Your Best Life: How to go from surviving to thriving after abuse. 

    In the book I outlined, how I was able to set myself free from all the bondage I had carried since childhood. It is a miracle I am still alive, but even more that I am thriving! 

    So I can tell you, without a shadow of a doubt, that you can make it too! You can live a life full of love, peace and joy!

    The life I live now doesn’t compare to the old life. I am so happy, fulfilled and thriving. I am living the life of my dreams. I travel wherever I want to. I have a loving supportive partner. I am free! I am finally free. I had to go through a complete transformation from the inside out in order to get here.
    This is what I offer at this retreat. A roadmap to start healing and transforming from the inside out in order to accomplish all your goals and dreams. To be free to truly enjoy this wonderful beautiful life. To be happy, healthy and wealthy!! If this resonates with you, join me. I only have limited spots for a select few. We’re going to do some deep inner work and I want to provide special personal and transformational support. If you are here, this Event Is For YOU!
    See you on the island!! 


    About Your Host
    Selene Bartolo
    A certified coach and consultant from Bob Proctor's PGI in 2021 and Kathleen Cameron’s Diamond Academy in 2022. Selene has risen out of the ashes of traumatic narcissistic abusive relationships. After a long life of abuse, she decided enough was enough and chose to heal herself. She worked with many coaches and mentors until she freed herself from the life of trauma. Through it all, she rose in her career as a Vice President in the mortgage loan industry for a huge bank and obtained her masters degree in business management from Benedictine University. She accomplished this while she was enduring abuse. After 2 years of inner healing, Selene retired from the corporate world in 2020 and wrote a self-help book called Live Your Best Life: How to go from surviving to thriving after abuse. Soon after, she started coaching clients and has had tremendous success helping them transform their lives from the inside out. Her work includes healing the body, mind, and spirit. She has partnered with Lightworkers Universe and Waymakers Global Inc to awaken the truth and spirit in all of us!
      PLUS! As A Special Bonus For a Limited Time Only...
      You Will Also Receive The Following
      Transform Your Life Online Course
      Discover how to heal from narcissistic abuse 
      This 12 week transformational program will teach you how to heal and transform from the inside out in order to accomplish all your goals and dreams in life!
      Value $10,000



      M. Luna

      "Selene has been my life coach for almost a year now and she has made a tremendous impact on my life. Her coaching has helped me accomplish personal and professional goals that I thought were out of reach. Her training continues to help me in my pursuit of a better, more meaningful, well balanced and purpose driven life. I definitely recommend."

      C. Thompson

      "At a very low point in my life, Selene appeared.  I was unhappy in my marriage.  Selene had recently published her book Live Your Best Life & the book gave me strength to make difficult decisions in my life. Through her guidance, I was able to see that I wasn’t happy or getting what I wanted out of life & so I made my decision to divorce & start over. Selene coached and guided me to make decisions that I do not regret."

      K. Tillet

      "Making the choice to work with Selene and investing in myself has been the best decision I’ve made in my life so far! I have grown so much in only just a few months in working with her and I am just getting started. She encourages, supports & empowers me through all situations and I always leave our sessions recharged and reminded of the power that I AM."


      This is without doubt the best healing and transformational 
      retreat & experience in the marketplace. Will you join us?

      What's Included?

      • Airport pick up and transportation to and from the island on speed boat
      • Four night and five day stay on the island resort. Private room is available for a price of $8,888
      • Three meals a day including water and juices - non-alcoholic beverages
      • Private boat cruise to visit surrounding islands 
      • All the days activities including teaching, healing methods and materials including: 
      • ​EFT Tapping - Reprogramming Subconcious Mind
      • ​Creating and Visualizing with feeling the end result
      • ​Soul Journeys
      • ​Releasing old toxic thoughts, traumas and beliefs exercises (mind, body and spirit)
      • ​Self-Awareness and Self-Realization exercises
      • ​Teaching on how to Manifest using the Universal Laws
      • ​Teaching on how to conquer your fears, limiting beliefs and subconscious programming that don't serve you
      • ​Connection with your inner child
      • ​Teaching on Breathing techniques
      • ​Yoni Healing Ceremony
      • ​Heart Opening Exercises
      • ​Painting a vision from your heart
      • A personalized gift
      • Private island resort (no external sales people or access to the public)
      • Island swimming pool 
      • Private beach access
      • Snorkeling
      • Optional activities meditation and yoga, kayaking & medical support on staff 
      • ** Check this site for COVID 19 requirements to enter Colombia and back to your country of residence

      This Event is A Total Value Of Over $29,995 

      A One-Time Investment for a 
      LIFETIME of Results! 

      TIME-SENSITIVE BONUS: Enrollment by December 25, 2022 
      Register today so you don't miss out on $29,995 worth of Value!

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